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    Thank you for buying the original soundtrack to Ghost of a Tale! As a hidden bonus, the album contains the demo version of "The Orphan Prince", sung by Containher. You can also download a Behind the Scenes video of Mathieu Alvado, conducting the London Symphony Orchestra during the Ghost of a Tale recording sessions.
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"Sing the Poisoned Cup, for to hear it I demand!" Barked the Baron from his throne to the maiden down below "Oh please, Merra my love! Do as asked, it matters not" "You need not mean it, you do not!" implored the minstrel to his doe But the maiden wouldn't sing and her silence grew so loud That a clamor to chastise her rose like thunder through the crowd
An Imperial Galleon set course for Jaccourd With Queen Arianne of the Badgers aboard When two days from port in a terrible storm Its mast broke in half and the mizzen was torn But the vessel was saved by the Rat with Two Tails Who stopped them from running aground on the shales By hoisting her majesty's knickers for sails! The Rat with Two Tails, oh! The Rat with Two Tails He saved Arianne from those terrible gales He may not be a badger, but he's certainly male And she'd not known true love 'til the Rat with Two Tails!
May I present to you the greatest of crooks But you'll never have read about them in your books Brother and sister, they're siblings in crime But they've never been caught and they've never done time Fatale is wily, and brave to the end But she's not someone on whom you'd ever depend! If Fatale's the brains Gusto's surely the muscle They know how to rob and they know how to hustle At thieving and stealing and crime they're the best You want to try outsmarting them? Be my guest! Now please check your pockets, 'cause for our finale You've all been robbed blind by Gusto and Fatale!
[My lovely's eyes, they shine and sparkle Her whiskers are all coarse and bristly Like rubies glowing in the dark-le Her lips are red, and soft and kiss-tly My lovely's ears, all soft and purple They flap so gaily in the breeze I long to nuzzle at her fur-ple Though her-ples often make me sneeze My lovely's cough is soft and croupy Her teeth are dainty, sharp and nibbly Her left eye is all white, and droopy Her nose is long and pink, and dribbly My lovely's lovely, and contrary I swore one day she'd be my bride But in a garden, green and airy She fell and broke her neck, and died
And so at last to Vaelia's plain The Emerald Fire's army came There Periclave's shear walls stood lined With the last of every living kind Then from the ranks rode Duinlan, bold Astride a salamander, skin like gold His courage stirred hearts froze with dread And others went where Duinlan led Jahrlan and Nykto joined the fight Black and white, and blue as night Bathed in the bright abyss's light Twelve Rats faced down the Green Flame's might Then came the mighty clarion's call And Duinlan, Jahrlan, Nykto, all Did summon forth a hurricane That quenched at last that dire flame
I've found the true nature of creatures is shown In the names by which each is collectively known I've heard Tidings of Magpies and seen Murders of Crows Smelled a Surfeit of Skunks with a peg on my nose Met a Mischief of Mice, who were masters of prose And a Sneaking of Weasels, who were light on their toes But the Rats are the worst, as well everyone knows 'Cause a gathering of Rats is a Plague, as it goes! And now that's off my chest I have this to propose That they're creatures of whom I suggest we dispose!
For fourteen days the Emerald Fire Laid siege to royal Pesa's spires In the distance black smoke billowed As wheat fields burned like funeral pyres The Mice had sworn to hold the pass Vowed, 'til their allies could amass They would not waver from the fight But courage failed them, at the last And so before the horde was laid A goblet, carved of finest jade A tribute to the green flame's might In hope its ire could be assuaged But their treachery was all for nought There was no bargain to be bought The goblet was a poisoned cup And from it sorrows flowed
Come hear of Rodrik the First, the famous Coward King! When all the way from Saltar's mines the Ferrets came a-charging He cowered up to the highest tower as the warning bells a-tolled! The glove was thrown, the moment come to show his true mettle But yellow as brass was the coward king, and never quite as bold On trembling shanks and soggy tail he set sail quite unsettled! His subjects cried and called to him, but he left them to their sorrow Until his ship was sunk as stone... and he cowered down below
Lavender sky Come undone at the seams You're prince of my heart And the king of your dreams Moonlight's Veld blooming While lavender dies Stars above dreaming The gleam in your eyes
From the north, through the mountains he came Searching for answers to questions unknown Destiny calling his forgotten name The Orphan Prince is at last coming home His ouma saw he would come to no harm Slipped into his pocket her lutka of stone Led by the gleam of his true Mother's charm The Orphan Prince is at last coming home White crests on the lake a-breaking Grave and ghost and silvery ring Before him castle walls a-shaking Son of Mice, and heir to the Rat King
The waves may crash, the ship may sink And every one of us might drown But pirates call the sea 'the drink' So raise a glass as we go down With sundercrabs we'll have a tipple And steal the Fish King's pearly cup With shapely Mer-Mice, wet our whistle Til top is down, and bottom's up!


This is the soundtrack for Ghost of a Tale, the video game where you play as Tilo, the minstrel mouse. The compositions are very much inspired by the symphonic movie soundtracks from the 1980s and 1990s.

Listening to those tracks will transport you back to Dwindling Heights, the lonely medieval keep located on the shore of lake Vaelia. It contains all the character themes and locations' signature tracks, as well as the full repertory of Tilo's songs.


released February 16, 2019

The symphonic tracks are composed by Jeremiah Pena and Mathieu Alvado. Mathieu's tracks are recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Tilo's songs are composed by Containher and recorded by live musicians, granting them a warm authentic quality.

Jeremiah Pena: jeremiahpena.com
Containher: www.containheraudio.com
Mathieu Alvado: www.mathieualvado.com
London Symphony Orchestra: lso.co.uk

All illustrations are by Jerome Sinto (sinto619.artstation.com)


all rights reserved



SeithCG France

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